[Seaside] [2.6]Images and anchors

Sylvain Pralon sylvain.pralon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 05:56:02 UTC 2007

What imagePath is returning ? an URL or a standard local filename ?
In the first case that's work but in the second it won't. You can not add a
local filename in the
source of your web page 'c:\...\picture.jpg' does not mean anything in a web
page except if you are
running on localhost.

You can create a virtual site web with visualwave or better creata a
WAFileLibrary and add your picture in it.
After doing that you will be able to call your image using an URL
Tell me if you want more details.

2007/10/23, Carl Gundel <carlg at libertybasic.com>:
> >What's the easiest way to use an image for an anchor?  Is there a simple
> >way to include an image >spec like so between the start and end tags
> >without subclassing or modifying what's there?  I've >poked around but
> >nothing jumped out at me.
> >
> >  <a blah blah><img src="image.gif"></a>
> Oh that wasn't so hard.  Don't know why it took me so long:
>   html anchor
>     with: [ html html: '<img src=''', self imagePath, '''>' ]

Try something like this instead.

  html anchor
    with: [ html image url: 'myurl' ]

hope this helps

-Carl Gundel
> http://www.runbasic.com


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