[Seaside] FileLibrary refreshment IE

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Wed Oct 24 16:57:40 UTC 2007

Hi Sylvain,

	for web browsers read a fresh complete version of the page pres
Ctr-R or make click on reload button while pressing shift. That ensures that
all resources including css and js files will not used from the UA cache.

	IE6 has a well know hack that makes it capable of something it's
not: proper render of PNG's. Amazing isn't?

	In an application I use in the root component:

updateRoot: anHtmlRoot
	"Updates the root of the html document by adding the title and

	super updateRoot: anHtmlRoot.	
	anHtmlRoot title: 'Site blah blah'.
	anHtmlRoot if lessThan; ie7; do:[
		anHtmlRoot javascript 
			attributeAt: #defer put: '';
			url: (BlahProductionLibrary urlOf: #pngfixJs)

	that introduces the hack from a js file I've downloaded from:


Sebastian Sastre


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> Hello,
> I currently have a problem with my seaside application and IE 
> 6 only (what a surprise ?).
> In fact my application use a WAFileLibrary which contained 
> lots of files including some png, css, and js.
> The first problem is when I display for the first time my 
> page I have to refresh it because all the component do not 
> have its css applied.
> After that, as I use some scriptaculous scripts, I refresh 
> only some html elements in my page, and when I do that, the 
> support for the png transparency is not available for the 
> picture in this element. So i refresh the page and only after 
> that it is ok.
> This problem is only on IE6. IE7 and firefox just do it fine.
> All my css are stored into my WAFileLibrary, nothing in a 
> style method of my components. Should I do it this way, copy 
> the css in my component ?.
> Thanks for help, any ideas are welcome !
> Sylvain
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