[Seaside] [ANN] New Seaside tutorial

Miguel Enrique Cobá Martínez m.coba.m at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 06:08:02 UTC 2007

Michael Perscheid wrote:
> Dear list,
> We proudly present a new Seaside tutorial (for Squeak 3.10 and Seaside 2.8).
> This tutorial was produced by the Software Architecture Group at the
> Hasso-Plattner-Institute (University of Potsdam). In ten chapters we
> describe step by step the development of a ToDo-application and thereby
> demonstrate the main parts of the sophisticated web framework Seaside.
> Since this is the first version we hope that you can help to improve the
> quality by providing feedback.
> Have a look at: http://www.swa.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/seaside/tutorial

Hi, excellent tutorial.

I have a problem though.
I have added the method

     ^ 'iso-8859-1'

to StSession in order to correctly display characters in spanish (á, é, 

I had 4 task in my todo list but the accented characters showed as a 
weird symbol with a question mark in it (�). So I added the said method. 
  The text displayed correctly after that.
Then I added the 5 task and instead of my todo list all I got was a page 
full of  weird question marks characters:

<���!���D���O���C���T���Y���P���E��� ���h���t���m���l��� 
���X���H���T���M���L��� ���1���.���0��� 

Thinking this had something to do with the charSet method, I removed it. 
Nothing. The same page full of weird characters.

Has someone had a problem like this? Is there a solution?

How can I input accented characters in a form and have Seaside manage 
them correctly?

Seaside generate a default charset of utf8, but my seaside session 
outputs á as � unless I manually change the encoding to iso-8859-1 in 
the View -> char encoding menu of firefox. Is this the intended 
behavior? My debian environment is all in utf8 encoding.

Again, good job.
Miguel Cobá

> Regards
> Michael Perscheid
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