[Seaside] [Ann] Helpers Framework in Jetsam

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 27 22:49:43 UTC 2007

Dear All,

The idea of "helpers" is to add plug-in functionality to Seaside in a way which is orthogonal to the conventional (and somewhat overloaded) means of extension via subclassing WASession et al to provide specialized facilities.

Helpers are provided in the same manner as other Plug-Ins in Seaside, by providing subclasses of WAHelper and WASessionHelper. Helpers may simply be "enabled" in the configuration interface for each application.

I have been using helpers for a while in my apps. I have two types of helpers. Rendering Helpers and Session Helpers.

Rendering Helpers: (so far)

1. WAKeepAliveHelper for keeping the session alive while the users
browser is open. I find this totally indispensable.

2. ShoreHelperHelper which allows you to use ShoreComponents without a specialized RootClass.

Session Helpers: (so far)

1. Announcements Helper for Lukas' Announcements framework (in the blue corner)
2. AXAnnouncements Helper for Levente Uzonyi's AXAnnouncements framework (in the red corner)
3. CometHelper for Comet.
4. MagmaHelper for Magma.

The "Helper" portion of Jetsam is entirely self contained, so can be
distributed separately and if you find it useful I think it could be a candidate 2.9

If anyone has any ideas for additional helpers then please let me know.

best regards


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