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Monty Williams monty.williams at gemstone.com
Tue Oct 30 13:22:19 UTC 2007


I'm interested in helping. I want to ensure it works in GemStone as well as
Squeak. I personally won't be much  help in development, but I can do
testing and possibly fix things that don't work in GemStone.

I'll be glad to provide a Monticello repository for the project at
http://seaside.gemstone.com/ss/ -- which is quite suitable for Squeak as
well as GemStone.


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> >>>>> "Boris" == Boris Popov <boris at deepcovelabs.com> writes:
> Boris> One thing I would like to mention, however, is that 
> you shouldn't be
> Boris> discounting the level and quality of Scriptaculous 
> integration work
> Boris> that Lukas had already done. The same level of 
> expressiveness would
> Boris> take a lot of essentially duplicated effort, so 
> perhaps you could
> Boris> consider working on adding support for parts that 
> Scriptaculous does
> Boris> not provide on its own?
> <http://www.urlfan.com/local/prototype_js_is_the_web_developer
> s_internet_explorer/11222145.html>:
>   "the problem is that it aggressively extends the base 
> javascript Object and
>   the Array object adding around 10 or so functions that 
> allow it to behave as
>   an iterator and allow subclassing. those additions are nice 
> to have, but it
>   means it does not play well with any other javascript 
> libraries unless they
>   explicitly work within the new walls it puts up."
>   ...
>   "here’s to hope that people will see the light and stop 
> using prototype.js
>   unless they want to live in their walled garden."
> So, I forbid the use of prototype.js in any project I'm 
> workng on as long as
> it has this broken behavior.  Hence, I cannot just *add* to 
> Lukas work.  I
> just wish he hadn't picked the wrong library. :-(
> Maybe I can keep the same interface, but rip the guts out to 
> replace the
> scriptalicious behavior with equivalents from YUI.  If anyone 
> wants to work on
> that with me, starting from a proper base of YUI (including 
> CSS Reset, etc),
> I'll be happy to coordinate.
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