[Seaside] YUI

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Wed Oct 31 15:07:08 UTC 2007

> > Sebastian
> I don't doubt that this is true for many applications.  
> However the quality of the out-of-the-box UI produced by 
> ExtJS far exceeds anything I have available in Smalltalk and 
> anything I could produce in a reasonable amount of time with 
> Smalltalk+Scriptaculous.  Adopting something like ExtJS is a 
> difficult choice to make but it certainly makes sense for 
> some applications.
> David
I see your point. As I see you bring a trade off in spend that (reasonable)
time in smalltalk or in using smalltalk to map something made by another
community. Nothing wrong with that, could be good as the Prototye experience
we are having now, I don't know.

So maybe it's time to evaluate the option. I think before convincing myself
of that having sense I would: 

1. one should quantify that impedance
2. see if one finds a mapping design that is useful for the long run
3. see if the the life of ExtJS will be long enough to make this worth
4. evaluate ExtJS community support
5. see if the design will pollute or not the seaside-smalltalk way to do
things (easiness to virtualize conceptual models)
6. compare that with pure smalltalk seaside results

Why we can't have our own (community) hierarchy of gorgeous widgets on top
of smalltalk-seaside-prototype-scriptaculous?



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