[Seaside] YUI

C. David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Wed Oct 31 19:11:11 UTC 2007

Sebastian Sastre wrote:
> He he, ok but not all that shines is gold. I saw application interfaces with
> humble widgets but with superior heuristic scoring than an equivalent
> application with glamorous native widgets.
> So why you want to repeat a formula with systematic disrespect to heuristic
> principles if you can give a better experience not needing to "desktopize"
> the web widgets?
Maybe that was a rhetorical question?  Anyway, the heuristic depends on 
the application and its audience.  My feeling is that the ExtJS 
component set scores well for the application I'm working on now.  My 
gold-owner/goal-donor is willing to bank on it so right now that's the 
way we're going.  I agree 100% with many of the sentiments expressed in 
this thread w/ regards to needing a rich Seaside/Smalltalk-based 
component set.  I also think that there are few among us who know enough 
about "the browser as a client platform" to produce it.  In any case my 
deadline looms and my requirements are currently met by parts of ExtJS.


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