[Seaside] Turn of Auto Parens

Colin Putney cputney at wiresong.ca
Mon Sep 3 08:14:35 UTC 2007

On Sep 3, 2007, at 12:44 AM, Damien Cassou wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> 2007/8/28, Rick Zaccone <zaccone at bucknell.edu>:
>> I recently installed the latest web image.  When I type code, it
>> automatically enters closing parens and brackets which I find more
>> annoying than helpful.
> I have to say that this feature annoyed me too. But I tried to get
> used to because I thought it would help. And now, I really can't live
> without. It's so cool to select the expression and press $( to have
> both $( and $) added.

This is so frustrating. The fact is that Squeak has been able to do  
exactly that forever. Select the expression and press cmd-shift-9.  
That sounds obscure, but it's only one more key than shift-9 for $(.  
It works with $[, ${, $<, $' and $" too.

My guess is that this "new feature" is popular because people don't  
know about the existing feature that does the same thing. The really  
tragic thing is that it gets in your way when you don't want it,  
which makes it discoverable, whereas the old way of doing it stays  
out of the way when you don't need it, and thus stays undiscovered.

AutoParens or SmartKeys or whatever you want to call, it is a step  


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