[Seaside] Future of Dolphin Survey

Dolphin Shelter dolphinshelter at opendolphin.org
Wed Sep 5 22:01:13 UTC 2007

Dear Smalltalkers,

As you may be aware, Object Arts Ltd. recently announced that they  
could no longer continue supporting and developing Dolphin Smalltalk.

A group of Dolphin users (?Dolphin Shelter?) has since formed to  
discuss how to keep Dolphin alive. In close consultation with Andy  
Bower of Object Arts, we have decided that the best option would be a  
buyout and open sourcing of Dolphin, similar to what was achieved with  

We have created a two page survey that has two goals:

1) Assess the chances of a buyout succeeding.

2) Ask the community for their knowledge and thoughts on how to  
practically go about setting up and making the buyout a success.

The first page is collected anonymously. We ask that even if you would  
not contribute any money to the buyout, that you continue to the  
second page and share your ideas on how we can make the buyout work.

The survey is at:


Thank you in advance.

Go Smalltalk!

Dolphin Shelter
dolphinshelter at opendolphin.org

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