[Seaside] How to periodically call method, or execute process

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sat Sep 8 12:39:02 UTC 2007

Hey Oleg, 

	take one thing at the time. For monitoring state periodically you
can use the 'periodical' from prototype/scriptaculous. You can see an
example of periodical at the scriptaculous test in your seaside image.

	Start a process is trivial no matter how much it takes. Can be
something like?

reportUpdaterProcess := [[Delay forDuration: 600 seconds.
				model hasRequisitesToProcessReport
					ifTrue:[model processReport]]
repeat] fork

or any oter method you execute periodically in a process. And I supouse
you'll have to make your own vars representing state somewhere in your model
to be able to query them from time to time using for example that




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> Hello again!
> I have a long task that needs to be done. For example when 
> all departments sends their reports my system should 
> automaticaly call method to create reconciliated and 
> validated report. How can I execute a long process in 
> smalltalk. How can I see its state from seaside? I am working with
> Cheers,
> Oleg
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