[Seaside] [Q] WAKomEncoded equivalent thing for WAListener?

"S.J.Chun" chunsj at embian.com
Sun Sep 9 04:46:17 UTC 2007


I've used WAKomEncoded for my web app, and found that my application
does not work with WAListener if there's Korean character in page/response.

As I said I've used WAKomEncoded and with this, my application works well :-)

The problem is that with WAKomEncoded, I can assume all my instances of string
is encoded as Squeak Native internal encoding and if I make my string conforms to
this, everything is OK. (Yes, I have to convert encoding from/to Squeak Native/UTF-8
when using external resources like Database, which uses UTF-8).

So, my question is that what part should I change to make WAKomEncoded equivalent
thing for WAListener, for processing input encoding, I can make it referring WAKom and
WAKomEncoded, but I cannot make proper conversion for output. My response string
looks like this

"   H   T   T   P      2   0   0    O   K..." 

instead of 

"HTTP 200 OK..." 

if it contains korean(or any other multibyte encoding characters).

Thanks in advance.

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