[Seaside] GemStone/S Deployment and a little more questions

Oleg Richards orichards at mail.ru
Sun Sep 9 08:17:22 UTC 2007

Hello Guys!

I've heard about GLASS project (pre-configured image with GemStone  
Linux Apache Seaside Smalltalk).
Can somebody help me to make a test deploy on something like that?  
Are there any tutorials about
deploying seaside application to gemstone? I've heard that you have  
to have monticello package for it.
Can i deploy my seaside application, if i've developed it in Visual  
Works? (I think that i didn't used any
VW specifics, only basic collections and seaside). What should i do  
with collections (what classes and what
find methods) should i use for gemstone deployment. And can somebody  
say me what steps should i do
to fully deploy my application on gemstone platform. I

Cheers, Oleg

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