[Seaside] [Q] WAKomEncoded equivalent thing for WAListener?

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Sun Sep 9 16:14:39 UTC 2007

Lukas Renggli a écrit :
>> I've used WAKomEncoded for my web app, and found that my application
>> does not work with WAListener if there's Korean character in page/response.
> Yes, this is a problem with the current (bad) design of the server
> adaptors: automatic encoding is only supported in the WAKom hierarchy.
> It would be probably better if we moved this encoding transformation
> as a strategy into the request/response so that it can be reused with
> any server adapter.
Besides, this encoding problem, is WAListener a sort of classic WAKom 
when not streaming and also a streaming adaptor when needed ? In other 
word, could we use only WAListener (if no encoding stuff...) ? Is it 
what you do ?

> So far I was probably the only one using WAListener. As you maybe know
> from earlier posts of mine, I don't trust the encoding of Squeak and
> just keep all data in UTF-8 in my images.
What's the drawback of having UTF-8 data in the image ? you cannot 
"change" them in squeak nor inspect ?



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