[Seaside] Ubuntu Linux Server

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Mon Sep 10 19:54:00 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 09:29 -0400, Richard Eng wrote:
> I¹m thinking of hosting my Seaside app on Ubuntu Linux Server. This is a
> GUI-less OS which raises a couple of questions...
> 1) I'm currently running a bit of Squeak code in a Workspace window to
> enable file-serving (and to set the WAKom port to 9090). When I download the
> image to Ubuntu Linux Desktop running on my server, the image "forgets" that
> I'm running on port 9090 (and probably forgets about file-serving as well).
> How do I run this code on Ubuntu Linux Server without a GUI?
Usually you don't need to do anything. Setting up WAKom and save your
image should start the server when you start the image. You can 
configure WAKom from the commandline, too. If you invoke your image

squeak -nodisplay squeak.image "" port 9090

you can control the port WAKom will use on startup. The "" is necessary
as squeak expects the first argument to be a startup script location.

You could also put your code into a startup script an invoke

squeak -nodisplay squeak.image startup.st

The startup.st could contain the code from your workspace.

Have a look at

Smalltalk addToStartUpList: aService

you can have look at WAKom what is needed to be a service which is 

> 2) I also have to run a simple Seaside program to setup my database for my
> Seaside app on the server machine. Without a GUI, I don't see how I can get
> around this.
Have a look at WASystemConfiguration. You subclass it and can build
a configuration editor which you can add to your application. Then you
can see it in the configuration under /seaside/config. Sorry, for not
being more verbose.

Alternatively you could use a startup script as well.

I use something like this

configuration := (
   (WADispatcher default)
      entryPointAt: 'mywebapp'
   ) configuration.

" webapp database configuration "
configuration valueAt: #database put: 'dbname'.

and so on. 

Hope this helps,


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