[Seaside] Seaside store

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 07:17:25 UTC 2007

> I downloaded the Seaside store from the Seaside examples repository, and
> I noticed the back button works different now.  Before, in the selection
> you could go back, then make a new selection and it would go on from the
> previous.  That is, going back was really going back in time to start
> again.  Now if you go back then do a new selection it adds it to the
> last selection you made.  That is, going back now simply shows what you
> did before but the site is in the most advanced state it was in.

I quickly tried in a Seaside 2.5 image and couldn't see any
difference. As far as I know no changes have been made to the Store
application for a long time.

> Is this the case because (a) the old way doesn't work anymore,

Certainly, it is still possible to choose what objects to backtrack.

> (b) the
> store site simply hasn't been updated to work with the new API, or

As far as I know there were no changes necessary.

> (c)
> someone decided this behavior was better?

It depends on the use-case. I think in a sushi shop you normally don't
want your items get removed from the basked when hitting the back
button. This is probably different for a flight broker.


Lukas Renggli

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