[Seaside] Object Destruction (or how to destroy instance)

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed Sep 12 08:53:54 UTC 2007

Inspect those instances and lookup refrences to them via the menu bar. They will be collected only if no one has a hard reference to them.


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Subject: [Seaside] Object Destruction (or how to destroy instance)

Hello Guys!

Maybe this question is more about smalltalk than about seaside, so  
i'm sorry.

In my reporting application i have following problem:
Some components of my seaside application working with Business Model  
I do it to have ability to revert changes. If user wants to save  
changes, database collection
just replaces old business objects with their updated copies. So  
everything works just fine.

But there is a question: If i ask VisualWorks to show all instances  
of Business Model, i can also
see old models, which were replaced by newer ones in DB collections.  
So some instances "just flying
in the air". How can i destroy them (something like calling  
destructor in C++). Or thats a not a problem and
they will be killed by garbage collector sometime? If so, when they  
will be killed?

Cheers, Oleg
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