[Seaside] IE dont see some library files?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Wed Sep 12 17:25:05 UTC 2007

Hi there,
    IE started to render including the .css expected rules. I saw it render
fine after taking out a js error. It seemd that the js error was making IE
to stop rendering css rules before completion and firefox not. At last some
logical explanation!
    Hey wait a moment! what the hell js behavior has to do with css
layouting? That coupling just sucks man. Otherwise we are all plain wrong
and M$ IE engeneers are showing us *again* how software should be made :P
Sebastian Sastre



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Hi there,
    I'm experimenting the strange situation in which I can use a site with
firefox just nicely but IE seems not to be using none of the .css files that
the page uses.
    Has somebody experimented this?
    I don't know tools to see what libraries (I mean css and js files) IE
has succesfully loaded for a page do you know someone?
Sebastian Sastre

PS1: all the css files are invoked fine from the header in the html of the
page like:


yStyle.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">


PS2: other think I've observed is that directly pointing with firefox to:


shows the css file contents but when I make that with IE (6) the creature
does not shows anything but a flashing dialog (unreadable) that seem to
download that somewhere. IE does not support .css referenced with http:// ?



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