[Seaside] Making a store in Seaside

Nevin Pratt nevin at bountifulbaby.com
Thu Sep 13 05:08:54 UTC 2007


I use Komanche in Squeak for www.bountifulbaby.com .  There is no 
Apache, and no other http server.  It uses stunnel for SSL.  However, 
that site is running an old version of Seaside.  I developed another 
site that ran live from November 2006 until the end of July 2007, using 
a later version of Seaside.  It used Apache, and mod_ssl for SSL.

So, I've done it both ways.

I would use Apache on any other Seaside sites.  In fact, with the later 
versions of Seaside, Seaside almost requires it.  Unless you don't need SSL.

I don't recall details, but later versions of Seaside changes the URL 
rewriting from the old version sufficiently to thoroughly hose the 
stunnel approach I previously used.  I imagine I could have solved the 
problem somehow, but it was just easier to switch to Apache.


> Ok, thanks.  Though it is my intention not to use apache if there is 
> any way at all to avoid it.  I don't want a stack, but a homogeneous 
> system.  I know I can do it in other high level languages, but Seaside 
> is my first choice to try.
> Sebastian Sastre wrote:
>> Good news: depending on your choice you may not need to do nothing, or
>> almost nothing, from smalltalk for this feature to work.
>> Take a look to this:
>> http://leftshore.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/hint-setting-up-apache-proxy-for-y 
>> our-seaside-host/
>> Boris even post an example of an apache VirtualHost.
>> I'm doing a couple of things a little different but it's a good start 
>> point
>> for you to get the idea
>>     cheers,
>> Sebastian Sastre
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