[Seaside] Site with google earth support using seaside

Mariano Wahlmann mariano at geoagris.com
Fri Sep 14 00:23:58 UTC 2007

I have to do a site for tracking vehicles using google earth. The site 
work like this:

- The user logins (a session start)
- select what vehicle he wants to see
- for the selected vehicle the site has to build on the fly a KML file 
(it's much like an XML with special tags)
- the KML has to refresh itself agains the server (autorefresh, to 
update vehicle's position), the refresh tag it's like href="...." 
- The user closes google earth, and then he logs out or the session 
expires (no more auto-refresh from GE).

How can i implement this using Seaside, the problems i have are:

- Rendering non html content, i've been using
    self session returnResponse: ((Seaside.WAResponse new)
                            nextPutAll: stream contents;
    Is this the way, or there is another easier/cleaner way?

- Include session url inside the content (to keep user session alive, 
and ensure that he's a validated user), in order to fill href="..." tag 
of KML content.

I'll appreciate any help!


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