[Seaside] How to perform some action on every page refresh?

Alexandre Paes alex.paes at streetdogstudio.com
Mon Sep 17 13:46:37 UTC 2007

Em 09/16/07 13:52 Sebastian Sastre escreveu:

> Well, as Phillipe said renderContentOn: should not be called because Seaside
> guarantees it's call. But you can allways send a component to render using
> #render: (and including it's instVar in #children)

> But when is rendered you want guarantee fresh clients, so that's the moment
> to provide fresh clients, so that’s when you call them.
> By default is less error prone to think "I cant call method in
> renderContentOn" but actually you can call non rendering methods but you
> just use significant discern for what you're doing calling them (to evade
> interference with rendering process, coupling, other bad guys) so to be
> aware of it's consequences,

Thanks Phillipe, Sebastian and everyone for the help with this subject, 
it all makes a lot more sense right now. And above all, it's working 
perfectly now :D


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