[Seaside] Scriptaculous strangeness

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 20:59:07 UTC 2007

Could you please post a file-out of your problem that is
on-click-runnable and shows the bug? I am unable to properly reproduce
the problem after implementing all the missing parts myself :-(

In the process I observed the following problems:

> The following code works (although there is a fleeting js error)
> renderUpdaterElement: eid on: html
>     (html updater
>         id: id;

I don't have a variable 'id'?

>         triggerFormElement: eid;

Buttons are ignored, so this won't work if your target element is a
button. See the method comment of #triggerFormElement:

"Serializing a form element and trigger its associated callback. Note
that this might not work for all form elements as one would expect:
(1) check-boxes and multi-select lists do not work as Seaside
internally depends on other hidden form elements. (2) submit-button
callbacks are ignored, instead use the normal callback to trigger
specific code evaluation."

As a solution you might want to directly put the action into the
callback block (this is one of the rare places where model-changes and
rendering are in fact supposed to happen at once).

> p.s. if I replace submitButton with button, I get a minicule-tiny-button
> once more.

#button requires #with: instead of #text:. Unfortunately #text: is
implemented in the superclass and silently ignores the request. I will
commit a version that throws an error soon. Again Traits would help to
avoid to have methods defined to high up the hierarchy.


Lukas Renggli

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