[Seaside] Re: New Book on Squeak Seaside

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Tue Sep 18 21:02:07 UTC 2007

On Tue, 18 Sep 2007 12:10:10 -0700, Michael Davies  
<mykdavies+squeak at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 17/09/2007, Blake <blake at kingdomrpg.com> wrote:
>> Can't one download any of Damien's old developer images pretty much
>> forever? (For values of "forever" that are applicable on the Internet,
>> anyway.)
> Fair point. What I was getting at was that Damien and the authors
> could agree on a version that contains a good set of attractive
> features for new users, and nothing too bleeding edge, and explicitly
> re-label that as the "Squeak By Example, version 2" official image,
> use it for the screenshots in the book, and give it good prominence on
> the download sites.

Sounds like a good idea. I haven't found that Damien's images by default  
carry anything too scary. :-)

And I've had no stability issues with it.

But I'll try to do sommething like that with my writings, too.

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