[Seaside] Seaside Project Initiatives and FAQ

Conrad Taylor conradwt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 20:46:34 UTC 2007

Hi, are there any project initiatives for adding the following blessed
components to Seaside and/or creating a recognized list from existing

o  authentication
o  search (i.e. lucene)
o  web services
o  and so on

Furthermore, I would like to update the FAQ with this information in a way
that's clear to the person wanting the information.  For example, "How does
one create a form and perform validation in Seaside?".  From my readings,
Magritte does this and a whole lot more.  I'll spend some time creating a
better FAQ categories and adding some unanswered questions later this week
and next week.   Lastly, my ideal goal would be to do the following:

a)  post the question
b)  review the question
c)  if question is publishable (d) otherwise (f)
d)  publish the question with possible answer
e)  add comments to the published answer
f)   done

In short, this would be similar to a moderated blog with the following

Answer has one primary answer and an answer has 0 or more comments
associated to it.

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