[Seaside] Not able to upload [a Seaside.WAFile] through onClick

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 08:43:35 UTC 2007

> Below is my attempt to implement Lukas's code but it is not recognising
> submit, any ideas?

1. Do never nest forms. This won't work and will lead to all kind of
strange problems (different ones in different browsers).

2. You don't need the submit button, as the form is automatically
submitted when the user selects a file. This automatically causes a
full refresh.

> How would I implement Andrius's code?

This involves some JavaScript programming, that is actually very
similar to the code used in the (totally unrelated) Comet package.

1. You create a named IFRAME that you hide somewhere on your page
(move it somewhere outside the visible viewport, fully hiding the
thing breaks some browsers).

2. You assign an onLoad event to the IFRAME that updates the part of
the page after the successful upload.

3. As presented you set the target of your form to the IFRAME.
Combined with the #onChange: on the file-upload you don't even need a
submit button.


Lukas Renggli

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