[Seaside] SU Lightbox and GLORP

Richard K Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Mon Sep 24 22:46:26 UTC 2007

I went back to the original squeak-web-118 image from Damien and modified 
the SULightboxTest as follows:

inform: aString
| fred |
fred := self lightbox: (WAFormDialog new addMessage: aString).
ifNotNil: [Transcript cr; show: 'RKE - 1'].
Transcript cr; show: 'RKE - 2'

It does not block. The print statements show up in the Transcript.

self lightbox: returns the #answer from the Ok button, right? Did I code it 


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> Using the same Transcript test statements, I've found that it doesn't work 
> me.
> The lightbox does not block.
> Is there something wrong with my Squeak image? What should I be looking
> for?
> Richard
> ---------
>> Because when I put code after the call to #inform:, it gets executed
>> immediately and it doesn't wait for either the Yes button or the No 
>> button
>> to be clicked in the lightbox.
> The test in SULightboxTest works (blocks twice) for me. Does it work for 
> you?
>    http://localhost:8080/seaside/tests/lightbox-dialog
> Lukas

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