[Seaside] SU Lightbox and GLORP

Richard K Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Wed Sep 26 05:02:41 UTC 2007

Okay, with Lukas' help, I've learned that my Squeak image (squeak-web-118) 
as downloaded from Damien Cassou's website was corrupted somehow. At his 
recommendation, I've avoided the "developer image" and started from scratch 
with a fresh Squeak 3.9 image. I've installed Seaside 2.8a.

#confirm: now works fine with lightbox. I'm a happy camper. Well, almost. 
Now that I'm no longer using the developer image, I miss not having the 
"refactoring browser" or color coding or eCompletion. I don't know where to 
get (or how to install) these things.


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