[Seaside] re: how to generate session url's

Merik Voswinkel merik at mac.com
Fri Sep 28 00:55:37 UTC 2007

On Sep 21, 2007, at 7:17 AM, Lukas Renggli wrote:
>  The rendering context knows the current actionUrl.
>     html context actionUrl
> Lukas
Thank you Lukas for starting my in de right direction. However I only  
half understand, because if I do

|temp |
temp  := html context actionUrl.
Transcript show: temp.

temp gets the value http://localhost:9090/seaside/tests/facade? 
and that url points to the component I put his code in (if I paste  
this url into my browser it reloads this component and of course  
prints out the exact same url on the Transcript again).

But my problem is that I need to generate a url pointing to another  
component (the component that generates the xml data that is called  

So I tried lots of permutations to do that but I only get walkbalks:

temp  := html anchor callback: [SUTest2 new].
Transcript show: temp.

What is the correct syntax to generate a url (with callback) to this  

Maybe I need more than the correct syntax?

To recap:  I have a component that needs to generate a xml file per  
user session (with urls pointing to several objects in the user  
session) and then generate a url with the same session info pointing  
to that xml, pass this xml url  to an external Flash object. The  
Flash object fetches the xml file and inside it the Flash object  
finds the url's pointing to different seaside components inside the  
same user session. Preferably this all will work so that when I call  
this component it will start the Flash object that will call a  
different component and when that answers it will return to the first  
component like a normal callback: answer:.


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