[Seaside] re: how to generate session url's

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Sep 28 01:37:47 UTC 2007

> Thank you Lukas for starting my in de right direction. 
> However I only half understand, because if I do
> |temp |
> temp  := html context actionUrl.
> Transcript show: temp.
> temp gets the value http://localhost:9090/seaside/tests/facade? 
> _k=CaSTUFvr&_s=hgCVUtnaTqnxvuqH
> and that url points to the component I put his code in (if I 
> paste this url into my browser it reloads this component and 
> of course prints out the exact same url on the Transcript again).
> But my problem is that I need to generate a url pointing to 
> another component (the component that generates the xml data 
> that is called SUTest1).
> So I tried lots of permutations to do that but I only get walkbalks:
> temp  := html anchor callback: [SUTest2 new].
> Transcript show: temp.
> What is the correct syntax to generate a url (with callback) 
> to this component?

html context urlForAction: [self call: SUTest2 new]

Ramon Leon

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