[Seaside] Using REST URLs in a seaside app

Adrian Schmitt adrianschmitt at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 28 15:41:49 UTC 2007


I am going to do a blog-like application with picture upload, and comments.

I would like to do it ins seaside. But it should have REST URLs for
the articles and everything that is visible to public and
google-indexable or bookmarkable.

This somehow contradicts the seaside way with URLs like

The first thing would be to create rest-urls for the links, which
should not be such a problem:


The second would be to serve the page with the right content displayed
depending on the url.Without using k and s parameters.

So there would not be any k and s parameters for the "public" content.
But as soon as someone logs in or writes a comment they should be
used. So I have a public part that does not use the sessions and a non
public part that does. In the public part each session could expire or
end after the page is delivered.

Sounds complicated. Did anyone do something like this or is there a
better approach?

Thank you for any ideas

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