[Seaside] re: how to generate session url's

Merik Voswinkel merik at mac.com
Sat Sep 29 16:12:34 UTC 2007

> Doh!  I never even noticed he was saying Context and not Canvas, my  
> bad,
> sorry Merik.

How polite!  No need to apologise.

You allready made my week with helping me out at all!
Since 12 weeks I make a living writing Seaside websites.
I was stuck with this session problem for 6 weeks, which means I was  
losing money fast.
As a way to thank you all for the help I get, I of course will put  
all my work back into Seaside and Pier and started maintainig the FAQ.
But still, I hope that one day, when I succeed in earning a living  
this way, I can offer to pay for advice like Lukas, Philippe, you and  
many others are giving on the list. Not today I am afraid, but one day.

Thanks again,

Merik Voswinkel

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