[Seaside] Re: ModalBox

Oleg Richards orichards at mail.ru
Sun Sep 30 09:14:24 UTC 2007

Hello Guys!

Lukas, i'm trying to incapsulate a modalbox JS library. You've  
recommended me to use SUEffect as base class. What do you think about  
taking something like Lightbox class as parent?

As for SUEffect. I've created a subclass and implemented a few  
functions into it. Now i have a problem with a show method. I would  
like to pass a rendering block to it. To do something like that:

html anchor onClick: ((SUModalBox on:  self) show: [html heading:  
'Hello World']); with: 'Show me hello in modal box'

  But this doesn't works.

What's the problem? I've copied this (String stream.....) from  
SUElement>>#render. But it doesn't works.

So here's my code:

show: aBlock
	self create; arguments: self arguments, (Array with:
		(String streamContents: [ :stream | self render: aBlock on: stream ]))

Cheers, Oleg

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