[Seaside] Upgrading running servers?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Apr 2 16:28:41 UTC 2008

Hi -

[Apologies for the cross-post but there may be answers to this question 
coming from people who are subscribed to Seaside but not Squeak-dev]

What are the best practices for upgrading portions of your running 
server? I'm not talking about replacing the main business logic of your 
server application but rather relatively small things like an improved 
log module, or an administrative report function etc. Basically parts 
that you can assume aren't used while you upgrade them.

I was quite surprised that I wasn't able to find any recommendations on 
how to do that. And I can't imagine that this problem hasn't come up in 
Seaside or other Squeak or Smalltalk server deployments. So what do 
people do in such a situation? Fire up VNC and load the latest MC 
package? Is that feasible when you have hundreds of users pounding the 
server? Any other (semi- or fully-) automated variants? Alternative 

Thanks for any insights you can share.

   - Andreas

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