[Seaside] Re: Another Seasider newbie's experience

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 05:01:18 UTC 2008

"Rob Rothwell" <r.j.rothwell at gmail.com> wrote in message
> From what everyone
> has hinted at about your rapid success,

I am nowhere close to being an expert.

> you would probably be able to put
> some great examples there.

I suspect that many of the ways that worked for me have more elegant 
solutions than what I found. Incremental improvement is good enough for me.

> Can you not even realize that you are using Ajax in Seaside?  Is it just a
> matter of creating an "Ajaxified" component? Or, do you have to "set up"
> your application to use those components?  (Sorry...you mention Ajax
> below...)

Your domain objects should not change at all, and seaside components with 
well-factored #renderXYZ methods are easy to Ajaxify once you know some 
basics like #updater, #evaluator, #request (google Lukas' tutorial on 
Seaside/Web 2.0). If you will push Ajax it's worth understanding and using 
Lukas' #in:do.

> They both need a built-in interface to browse to a graphic
> and suck it in if they are going to use method-body-strings, though!

Seaside has this somewhere in its config screens.

> I tried to work through the Magritte tutorial and ALWAYS ran into the "no
> children specified" error message or whatever.

Magritte is a powerful and general meta-framework, and Pier uses Magritte. 
Perhaps take a look at Ramon's SSForm (available in his image on his blog 
site). Not quite as general and powerful as Magritte (which is a full 
reflective infra-structure), but might suit your need.

> but I don't
> think I quite understand #children.

Nabble archives has a couple of posts by Lukas with explanations.

>> If you have the callback of one component changing and re-rendering the
>> component-tree structure in a distant component

> The only thing I have tried to "push" in that way is for my applications

I have not used server-side comet push, but did try Ajax refreshes where the 
callback of one component causes other components (on that same page) to 
change structure and re-render.

There is a Comet demo with Seaside on Squeaksource that looks quite simple 
and clean.

> Maybe two beginners could manage to come up with some good ideas for
> something useful that way!  (Maybe we should write our own higher-level UI
> framework.

If I feel close to competent for something like that anytime soon, perhaps 


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