[Seaside] Classbrowser trouble

Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Mon Apr 7 06:55:35 UTC 2008

Hi Seasiders!

I have some trouble with the seaside classbrowser.
Class and category information are displayed as usual, but the methods 
are not formatted correct.
I just see cryptic things like:
"$p$r$e$v$i$o$u$s$C$a$c$h$eCharacter crCharacter 
tab$"$A$n$s$w$e$rCharacter space$t$h$eCharacter space$v$a$l$u$eCharacter 
space$o$fCharacter space$p$r$e$v$i$o$u$s$C$a$c$h$e$"Character 
crCharacter crCharacter tab$^Character space$p$r$e$v$i$o$u$s$C$a$c$h$e"

There's no difference between using firefox or ie7.
Is there are seaside bug, or do I just have some inconsistency in my 
squeak image?
Or do I just have to chance some configurations?


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