[Seaside] SVG design questions

Gerhard Obermann obi068 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 15:27:38 UTC 2008

You could also send me the vw fileout (not xml please) and
i could do the squeak port and the package on squeaksource!


On 4/9/08, Holger Kleinsorgen <kleinsor at smallish.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> > It looks very cool, so please create a squeak package on squeaksource
> and
> > assign me as developer!
> I'll try to. However, my Squeak experience is restricted to a few minutes
> of clicking through examples. Usually I'm using VisualWorks.
> > AFAIK Inline SVG hast too many drawbacks (especially on IE), so the main
> > goal should be the rendering for linked SVG documents.
> Although browser compatibility is a serious issue, I favor the "inlined
> SVG first" approach. Besides the DOM/Javascript and Context problems I've
> mentioned, the future of Adobe's SVG viewer doesn't look very bright:
> "Adobe has decided to discontinue support for Adobe SVG Viewer. There are
> a number of other third-party SVG viewer implementations in the marketplace,
> including native support for SVG in many Web browsers. The SVG language and
> its adoption in the marketplace have both matured to the point where it is
> no longer necessary for Adobe to provide an SVG viewer"
> (from http://www.adobe.com/svg/eol.html)
> Supporting both methods would be ideal, of course.
> > BTW: Which version are you using!
> > I think it should be developed for Seaside 2.9!
> Seaside 2.8. Supporting 2.9 shouldn't be a major problem (unless there's a
> secret plan to dump canvases and brushes ;)
> I'd be interested in having a play with the code as well. It looks like
> > this
> > is all your own hand-rolled stuff, right?
> >
> A home-grown bunch of wacky code, yes. With only three brushes. Have to
> clean it up a bit, and somehow manage to get used to Squeak. But I've got
> some spare time, so I hope to relase some stuff soon.
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