[Seaside] [Q] Tag-Note relationship, any suggestion?

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Thu Apr 10 15:56:16 UTC 2008

S.J.Chun wrote:

>my web application uses following classes; 
>NOTE: which has "contents" and "tags" 
>TAG: which has "name" 
>What I want is getting notes using tag and simple but crude idea could be 
>using dictionary and set; 
>MainDBDictionary(an instance of dictionary). 
>MainDBDictionary at: #SomeTagName put: (aSetOfNotesUnderThisTag add: aNewNote) 
>MainDBDictionary at: #SomeTagName 
>current implentation does not above model; in fact I'm using SQLite but I want to remove 
>dependency on SQLite or other RDB. 
>Can above model be directly mapped into OODB? For example Magma? 
>If not, any suggestion on better design or reference/documentation on this? 
>Thank you in advance. 
Speaking for GemStone (anOODB), the answer is yes. If MainDBDictionary 
is stored in a class variable or other global, then every object put 
into the dictionary is persisted. The mental model for GemStone is that 
_any_ object that would be preserved by an image save (and not subject 
to garbage collection) in Squeak will be persisted in the GemStone db at 
commit time.


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