[Seaside] SUSortable - 2 lists - drag&drop lost after ajax re-render

Petr Fischer petr.fischer at praguesoft.cz
Thu Apr 10 20:34:59 UTC 2008


my next problem with SUSortable - I have two sortable lists. Both  
lists are completely re-rendered with ajax updaters on drop operation.  
Everything looks good, but "drag&drop" is inactive after ajax-rerender  
(I can't move list items by mouse anymore).

In Seaside Scriptaculous DEMO application on page "drag & drop" is  
example with two sortable lists - but there is a little difference -  
only the status paragraphs above lists are rerendered by ajax, not the  
lists itself.

I need to re-render whole lists on drop operations (due to some  
application logic conditions) and this is problem IMHO - maybe list  
items lost "mouse event connection" after afax re-render?
When is list-item connected to "mouse event" - on initial page load by  
javascript, right?

Sorry for English, is it understandable? Thanks, pf

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