[Seaside] HTML method naming conventions

Steve Aldred aldreds at velocitynet.com.au
Fri Apr 11 01:18:54 UTC 2008

In the "SVG design questions" thread Philippe Marschall wrote:
> Just a side note here. Wherever possible we tried to avoid the C-ish
> names of html elements in Seaside and used full names instead. So
> instead of #img we name #image. Here this would mean #rectangle
> instead of #rect.

Not trying to be difficult or anything but why?

Given to use Seaside you have to have a good understanding of HTML where 
is the advantage in translating tags to different message name? Renaming 
for the sake of being 'Smalltalkish" just makes entry for existing web 
developers that much more difficult. How many people have tried to send 
#tr and #td?

When it comes to debugging on the client you have to read the HTML 
anyway, I just don't see the benefit of having another name for most tags.

If the same Seaside code could be used to render something other than 
HTML then fair enough, is there someone doing that or is it very likely?

OTOH if things are going to be renamed then everything should be, 
including attributes (e.g. colSpan) and the rest of the elements e.g. div.

Just my 2c.


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