[Seaside] External javascript, Server path and Windows problems

Edward Stow ed.stow at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 02:26:45 UTC 2008

Using Windows XP, Seaside-2.8-530.app

I need or want to have all my css and javascript files as external
files.  My javascript and css are under active development at the same
time as the seaside code.  During development it would be convenient
to have seaside serve these files. For production apache will do this

I have added #updateRoot: to my component:

MyCompenent>>updateRoot: aRoot
	".. stuff deleted .."
	aRoot script
			url: '/scripts/loadMaps.js'

However in the loaded web page Firebug reports:
<h1> Error: "/scripts/loadMaps.js" not found. </h1>

Q:  What is the default document root for Seaside.  I assume it is the
same directory as the image (or the vm) - tried both without success.

The Server Path was set in the seaside/config page but it seems that
Seaside does not like Windows .. eg
Server Path set to E:\data\work\Seaside-2.8-530.app  results in an
error reported by the browser:

 Error: "/E:\data\work\Seaside-2.8-530.app" not found.    --- Note the
leading /

Any suggestions on serving static css / js from a windows machine?


Edward Stow

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