[Seaside] HTML method naming conventions

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Fri Apr 11 04:01:30 UTC 2008

I agree with Colin, we have abstracted html into a more readable and elegant Smalltalk syntax and it works great once you get into it, look for long term benefits, not immediate 1-to-1 comparisons. Having that said, there's no reason why someone couldn't just make a package of html-like accessors if they felt strongly about it, but then you are moving away from what the rest of the Seaside world had settled on.


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On 10-Apr-08, at 7:44 PM, Edward Stow wrote:

> + 1  I would prefer to use html tag names, td, tr, a.
> And seaside adds to the html language disconnect by using #url: for
> src and href attributes.

- 1

The most important consideration is readability. That's better served  
by fidelity to Smalltalk conventions than by fidelity to the HTML  
spec. A rendering method is Smalltalk code that generates HTML, not a  
template language. That's a good thing - rendering code can be  
refactored like any other Smalltalk code, and can thus generate  
complex interfaces that would be difficult or impossible with  
something that had more fidelity to HTML.

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