[Seaside] Re: ODFCanvas?

Stefan Schmiedl s at xss.de
Fri Apr 11 12:54:57 UTC 2008

Hi Stephan,

On Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:25:09 +0200
stephan at stack.nl wrote:

> > The practical reason for this is that I will need to create some
> > "editable", at least "printable" and "permanently storable" documents
> > like orders or requests for quotes.
> I'm happy generating LaTeX and processing it with pdflatex.
> It is simple (at least compared to odf), fast, free, and a lot
> better looking than fo based approaches.

I agree with the advantages you mention. One of the reasons I came up
with the css2xslfo transformator is that it should result in a pretty
good WYSIWYG effect, as it would make use of the style information
I use on the site already. Whereas with LaTeX I'd have to recreate
something similar looking first.

I admit to not knowing much about the internals, possibilities and
limitations of creating ODF files "manually", but I hope that ODF
being XML based would allow me to leverage much of what is already
available. And it would be really nice to produce an editable document
by calling "renderContentOn: odf" instead of "renderContentOn: html",
wouldn't it?


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