[Seaside] HTML method naming conventions

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Apr 11 15:26:02 UTC 2008

> >  Given to use Seaside you have to have a good understanding of HTML 
> > where is the advantage in translating tags to different 
> message name? 
> > Renaming for the sake of being 'Smalltalkish" just makes entry for 
> > existing web developers that much more difficult. How many 
> people have 
> > tried to send #tr and #td?
> + 1  I would prefer to use html tag names, td, tr, a.
> And seaside adds to the html language disconnect by using 
> #url: for src and href attributes.


Abbreviations are evil, Smalltalk convention is to use actual readable words
for method names.  Seaside does exactly the right thing preferring things
like anchor, tableData, and tableRow.  Code should be able to be read aloud,
and when spoken aloud, we say anchor, not "a".

Ramon Leon

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