[Seaside] Gemstone/S questions

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Fri Apr 11 16:06:37 UTC 2008

itsme213 wrote:

>1. Will Squeak OB-based tools run in the Gemstone/S setup? Specifically 
>thinking of Lukas' really great set (now included in 3.9.1) with the 
>improved browser, environment browser, re-factoring tools, and the 
>search/re-write tools.
The short answer is that it would take a bit of work to run the 
OB-Extensions and the re-factoring tools in GemStone, which translates 
to no...

The long answer is that early on I made a decision to "clone" the 
OB-Standard package, rather than port it to GemStone (I was worried 
that  GemStone-specific classes would have to live in both Squeak and 
GemStone) as a result, using packages like OB-Extensions (which _should_ 
work in GemStone without many mods) don't, mainly because the class 
names are different.

I plan to port OB-Standard to GemStone/S with the intent to make 
OB-Extensions loadable in GemStone...The refactoring tools may be a bit 
more work (there are other folks that will be helping with the work), 
but I'm imagining that once we get to the point where OB-Standard is 
more or less common between GemStone and Squeak, the rest of the work 
should be straight forward.

>2. What happens to Squeak code that uses Traits when Monticello's into 
>Gemstone? Do the traits disappear and is the trait code replicated for each 
>usage? How about then moving back into Squeak (all via Monticello)?
GemStone doesn't support Traits and I haven't ported the Monticello 
traits extensions to GemStone either, so Monticello packages with traits 
won't load...


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