[Seaside] Ending all callbacks/calls

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Apr 11 16:21:36 UTC 2008

> That would still have issues, would it not?
> How would (from my example) Component know to return to TaskA?
> Many thanks,
> John

If you want Component to return to taskA, then you have component tell taskA
#home, taskA will then remove all its decorations.  To keep it simple,
consider the idea of a current home component available globally on the

  | homeComponent |
  homeComponent := TaskA new.
  self session homeComponent: homeComponent.
  self call: homeComponent

  self call: Component new.

Component>>renderContentOn: html
  html anchor callback: [ self session homeComponent home ]; with: 'Home'

Ramon Leon

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