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Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 14 02:00:19 UTC 2008

I have just a few weeks ago started to consider XULRunner for my next 
application, so this is really exciting. I was wondering if it would be 
possible to make your image available to play with the XUL user interface 
demo port...

Thanks Milan

On 2008 April 13, Pavel Krivanek wrote:
> Hi all,
> I started the project named SeasideXUL. This package enables to
> generate XUL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XUL) code in Seaside 2.9 so
> now we can create applications with standard look&feel directly in
> Smalltalk with the power of Seaside.
> Pictures are worth more than thousand words:
> http://comtalk.eu/public/pub/SeasideXUL/screenshots/
> XUL can be displayed directly in FireFox or there's a project named
> XULRunner that enables to run it as a standalone application (see
> screenshots, the application then can use own shortcuts etc.) but
> still in thin-client/server architecture. Standard HTML or SVG code
> can be embedded in XUL page.
> I had to created ajax-based call/answer mechanism with continuations
> for SeasideXUL. The complete port of XUL Periodic Table
> (http://www.hevanet.com/acorbin/xul/top.xul) is included as the
> demonstration application. However lot of next things wait for
> implementation (e.g. some alternative to forms) or need to be made
> more robust and easily usable (whole ajax part).
> Seaside 2.9 is quite hard to load and SeasideXUL doesn't reflect some
> latest changes in this package (Seaside 2.9 is still under heavy
> development) so if you want to try SeasideXUL on your own in this
> stage of development, do not await a nice walk through a rosarium. It
> was developed on this set of packages:
> Scriptaculous-Components (Scriptaculous-Components-lr.41)
> Scriptaculous-Core (Scriptaculous-Core-lr.18)
> Scriptaculous-Squeak-Core (Scriptaculous-Squeak-Core-lr.1)
> Scriptaculous-Tests (Scriptaculous-Tests-lr.21)
> Seaside-Adapters-Core (Seaside-Adapters-Core-pmm.3)
> Seaside-Core (Seaside-Core-lr.120)
> Seaside-Development-Core (Seaside-Development-Core-lr.20)
> Seaside-Examples (Seaside-Examples-pmm.1)
> Seaside-Squeak-Adapters (Seaside-Squeak-Adapters-mu.7)
> Seaside-Squeak-Core (Seaside-Squeak-Core-dkh.38)
> Seaside-Squeak-Development (Seaside-Squeak-Development-pmm.10)
> Seaside-Squeak-Kom (Seaside-Squeak-Kom-pmm.13)
> Seaside-Tests (Seaside-Tests-dkh.102)
> Seaside-Utils-Core (Seaside-Utils-Core-lr.7)
> Scriptaculous dependency should be removed in next versions.
> Mozilla seems to be pretty strong platform provider and future
> versions of FireFox should be based directly on the XULRunner. I hope
> that we did the important step to gain multi-platform and
> multi-implementation user interface framework for Smalltalk.
> Cheers,
> -- Pavel
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