[Seaside] notifying all the visible components before and after arequest is received

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Apr 17 10:42:28 UTC 2008

Hi Martin,

	firstly I expect you found a way to achieve your requeriments. Secondly,
a word of caution about locking. Have you really need to lock in render time?
That could slow down your render and, which is worst, will create a point of
contention for the service of your application. 

	Maybe you find a way to do the lock thing in a non syncronous process
preventing your render of being a guaranteed bottleneck.



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	Asunto: [Seaside] notifying all the visible components before and after
arequest is received
	I'd like to notify all of the visible presenters before and after a
request is handled.
	Conceptually, it would be something like this:
	MySession>>handleRequest: aRequest
	    "This is not code, only an intention of what I would like to do"
	 | answer |
	 self root visiblePresentersDo: [:each | each beforeRequestHandling].
	 answer := super handleRequest: aRequest.
	 self root visiblePresentersDo: [:each | each afterRequestHandling].
	the reason to do that is that I have some WAComponents of mine which
have to lock a resource during the rendering and the callbacks handling. Right
now, I'm locking and releasing the resource every time I need to (for instance,
in the #renderContentOn: method, but also inside every callback), but I would
prefer each component to do it automatically during each request, so I can
fogert about it.
	The question is: can something like that be done (I mean, would it work
for scriptacolous callbacks too and that sort of things) ? And if it is, where
and how should I do it ?
	thanks in advance

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