[Seaside] Re: Menu component - communicating with root component

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Mon Apr 21 17:50:16 UTC 2008

> So what about drivers that are parked around the corner, they 
> cant even 
> see the light physically, yet they get the event!
Well.. in which architecture? In my proposal they don't receive the event
because the semaphore announces its light changes only to its own subscribers.
The subscribers at that time will be only those drivers with that semaphore in
sight. Same for the rest of the drivers and semaphores.

> Does this then mean that every driver has to check every 
> object in the 
> entire world, for line of sight?
> Keith
I think it's clear that no. They just has to check (subscribe) to whatever the
object has in its own interest. For the driver example the line of sight
straight ahead should be the first priority of its interests (unless driving
backwards and other subtleties like that). So to be subscribed to events of the
first semaphore he/she has in front is mandatory but only while the semaphore is
in front. Once he/she pass the semaphore he/she don’t worry aout it anymore
(unsuscribes events from that semaphore).

I hope to be understandable.


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