[Seaside] Google Maps API

Andres Fortier andres at lifia.info.unlp.edu.ar
Tue Apr 22 16:05:22 UTC 2008

Hi Torsten. I would really love to add it, however 
there are two issues:
- I'm implementing the API in VisualWorks so I guess we 
would need some sort of bridge (I'm not experienced 
with Squeak so maybe this can be easily fixed).
- Regarding the licence we generally publish under GPL; 
afaik MIT is a bit more permissive, so I'll have to 
check this out.

Thanks for the pointer,

Torsten Bergmann escribió:
> Hi Andrés,
> if it is OK for you that your example on how to use Google Maps from
> Seaside is under MIT license you can host it at: http://squeaksource.com/SeasideExamples.html 
> The project is open for read/write so others are able to help.
> We already have a VirtualEarth demo there and Google Map would be
> a nice addition too.
> Thx
> Torsten

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