[Seaside] Integrating Images on a website. Don't want to use Apache or WAFileLibrary.

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Apr 24 10:31:20 UTC 2008

Miguel Cobá wrote:
>I don't understand the issue with portability in having the static content
>served by a web server
>In fact, it is not even practical to deploy an app (used for more than a
> couple users) without a kind of proxy/load balancer in front.

You and Phillipe talk about a different scenario than Deech who was NOT requesting an answer for (the more typical case) of a deployed seaside web application with many users:

Read his original post and you will find out that

 - he want to move the webserver from PC to PC using a flash drive easily
  (so the image may have to be small) 
 - and since the environment is always changing using Apache as a proxy 
   is not desirable for him
 - he does not say anything about the number of users (maybe he is 
   the only user)

So his requirements are different and serving the files using
KomHttpServer may be ok here.  

Especially it is very cool to have this option: 

 - you can put a VM for any OS environment together with the small image 
   and the static files on a memory stick 
 - you can start the application on any computer/OS you like and run 
   the image/webserver 
 - to use applications only a webbrowser is required (you can also 
   develop with Squeak right from the flash drive)

Since size of flash drives is growing you can have your whole development/project environment (local running Squeaksource, swiki, Squeak-dev images) on the stick and run it everywhere. 

Having the resource files outside of the image also allows you to switch to an Apache proxy into a real production environment later.

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