[Seaside] Integrating Images on a website. Don't want to use Apache or WAFileLibrary.

Michael Rueger m.rueger at acm.org
Thu Apr 24 17:14:13 UTC 2008

Miguel Cobá wrote:
> Yes, maybe in some context the portability of a "server" application 
> have any advantage.
> But, in Seaside you are writing webapps. WEB apps, not desktop apps or 
> usb transportable apps.
> For a lot of us, having a server, a real server serving our application 
> is worth the hassle of setting up a web server, load balancing
> a lot of squeak images and caching the static content in the web server.

Speaking of which: has anybody any experience with Seaside/Aida and 
Apache XSendfile?



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